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Multi-disciplined wild-child with an ikigai for illustration and an eye for design.

I was born to explore. No joke or cliche. As they wheeled my mom into the delivery room the song “Born to be Wild” played on the radio and set the tone of my constitution.


Shaped by a unique upbringing of experiences and a holistic home in the rural farm country of Pennsylvania, I was given space for my bare feet and imagination to run wild. My curiosity moved me - fear be damned and with every challenge life brought, it only drove me further towards my path. 


After graduating from high school, I attended Kutztown University where I majored in Communication Design, concentrating in Illustration and Graphic Design. Then I continued my journey from the small towns of rural PA to the “big cities” of Fairfield County for my first job as a Graphic Artist.


With the world being a curiously strange and wondrous mystery, I believe we are here to give shape and meaning to the world by sharing what it is we do. For me, it’s through my art. When I touch pencil to paper (or Apple Pencil to iPad Pro) I connect to the wonder around me, reaching into the untethered chaos of the creative process, the unknown - where something larger than ourselves exists...ultimately, I find beauty reigning in that chaos. Whether through illustration, graphic design, mentoring or podcasting, my goal is to bring substance to everything I do and turn imaginations into reality.

“Out of chaos the future emerges in harmony and beauty.”

 Emma Goldman

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